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Hygienic Wall systems
Hygienic linings & coatings are the answer to your hygienic control solution.

Fibre glass re-enforced linings are being used much more increasingly in the foods & beverages production industry and are also commonly used in wet rooms, clean rooms, abattoirs and milking parlours etc. They provide a seamless bond to tiles, brick, plaster, wood, metal and concrete. There are various options regarding products and system application including non taint (solvent free water based technology). The finish is easy to clean and keep sterile, it has high abrasion, impact, chemical and stain resistance and the surface cannot be permeated by moisture so high pressure steam cleaning isn't a problem.

The varying top coats we specify create a surface which is 100% resistant to bacterial growth as well as mould and yeast build up.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing fibre glass re-enforced linings are FDA & USDA approved.

In the application stages the fibreglass can be moulded and sealed around wall mounted machines, pipes and switches which creates a 100% seal. However we do ask, where possible, that as much of the wall mounted fixtures are removed before our works commence.
Fibre glass can be used to repair and refurbish leaking tanks, bunds, swimming pools etc. This application can prolong the life of the existing asset without major disruption and cost.

Fibre glass can be used for secondary containment of newly installed tanks, bunds, water features, roofing systems, shower areas and wet rooms.

Fibre glass can be applied to new walls & existing surfaces which are de-bonding and are becoming hard to clean, this ultimately leaves risk to bad hygiene. Extensive maintenance and cleaning isn't cost effective so the only long term solution is to line the surface with a fibre glass re-enforced membrane.